About us

About us

Child Surviviors of Crime (CSOC) provides support for children under the age of 18 who have been directly or indirectly affected by any criminal offence committed against them or their families. Support is in the form of counselling and therapeutic intervention, education, alleviation of physical suffering and community re-integration. We also strive to raise children’s awareness of personal safety.

Child Survivors of Crime  gives these children a rainbow after the storm. By making their  lives a little easier and giving much needed support, we equip them with  the tools they need to cope with the challenges ahead. Our support network helps strengthen families that have been shattered by crime, and bolsters the relationship between the South African Police  Services (SAPS) and crime survivors.

It started in early 2010, when the idea and principles of the UK registered charity, Child Victims of Crime, inspired a group of business people  to investigate the need for, and possibility of, establishing a similar charity  in South Africa.

It was soon apparent that with the high incidence of violent  crime in our country, South African children often find their childhoods destroyed. Struggling  with the devastating after-effects of crimes committed against them or against  their families, these young survivors face challenging new realities and a precarious future.

Our credentials

Child Survivors of Crime South Africa (CSOC) is a registered non-profit organisation and Public Beneficiary Organisation, founded in 2010.  Its  purpose is to support children whose lives have been affected by crime.

  • Registration Number: 2010/002420/08
  • Registered as an Association incorporated  under Section 21 of the Companies Act (Act 61 of 1973)
  • Registered as a Public Benefit Organisation  with SARS PBO number 9030034398.
  • Registered as a Non Profit Organisation with the Department of Social Development NPO number 082-562

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