What we do

We create a rainbow after the storm for children affected by crime. Support is individually tailored to the specific needs of each child, because each one’s circumstances are unique; what may make a meaningful difference to one child may not help another. Generally, support will fall into one or more of the categories below.

Survivor Nominator

The  process is set in motion by a Survivor Nominator (typically the SAP Investigating Officer or a Child Welfare social worker) who is close to the child, understands their pain and suffering and is able to suggest the most effective way of bringing a little happiness and normality back into their lives.

Psychological Assistance

The psychological impact of surviving violent crime is high and most children require on-going counselling or therapy to help them overcome feelings of fear, anxiety, anger or worthlessness.

Material Assistance

Some crimes result in the loss of material possessions essential to the child’s wellbeing or education. CSOC endeavours to replace necessary items.

Safety Awareness

Child Survivors of Crime not only supports children affected by crime, but also strives to prevent dangerous situations by raising children’s awareness of how to be safe. This is done through age-appropriate leaflets containing safety tips, as well as talks in schools.


Schooling may be affected while the child recovers physically and psychologically. CSOC provides assistance to get education back on track, in the form of remedial lessons, bursaries  and/or tutors.

Peer Support

Children may be given the opportunity to attend an education-based camp where they learn life skills and coping mechanisms in an enjoyable environment, coupled with support from their peers. Alternatives include suitable workshops or motivational sessions.

Fun day out

Children may be treated to a visit to the zoo or cinema, a special meal out, a day at a theme park with their hero, etc. The purpose of these outings is to allow the child to just be a child, and to show that the community cares.

What we don’t provide

The only thing we don’t provide is cash. Support is  through education and therapeutic intervention, encouragement of social  inclusion and community re-integration, alleviation of physical suffering, and raising awareness of personal safety.

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