Living with crime and violence


f you or your loved ones have ever been robbed, shot, threatened at knife-point, hi-jacked, assaulted, or attacked in your own home, you’ll know how terrifying it is.

So you can imagine how traumatic it is for children who survive a violent attack.  Like the 4 year old girl from Verulam, near Durban, who was recently kidnapped, raped and strangled.

Against all odds, the little girl survived. Her cries alerted passers-by on their way to work, and she was rushed to hospital. But at 4 years old – innocent and trusting as young children are – and living in an under-resourced community, how will she ever get over the terrible things that were done to her? Her physical injuries may heal, but how will she ever feel safe and able to trust again?

It’s children like this that we help – by providing support, trauma counselling, therapy, fun activities, life skills development and personal safety awareness.

But with crimes against children on the increase, we simply can’t reach all those whose lives have been shattered without your help.

Please make a donation now towards our work … host a  fundraising event in support of our organisation … or introduce payroll giving at your company, with Child Survivors of Crime as the beneficiary.

Any amount you give now will help bring a rainbow of hope and trust to a child who desperately needs to believe there are good people like you in the world.

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